nterfax-Ukraine writes that the German company Notus Energy plans to build a wind power plant with a total capacity of 300 MW in Odesa region, as reported Knud Rissel, the company’s commercial director.

Knud Rissel noted that Notus Energy has been working on this project since the spring of 2022 and now it is in the process of building a wind power plant with step-by-step launch. First stage of 120 MW should appear soon.

 “We already have all the permits, in particular related to land. Banks support us, although they also take risks by supporting us. But we are all ready to work even under martial law.” Knud Rissel said.

He assumed that first stage of a wind power plant will not be launched in the coming winter, but the company is doing its best to launch the project as soon as possible.

Source: https://bzh.life/ua/plany/1718450416-nimetska-kompaniya-pobudue-vitroelektrostantsiyu/