Illichivsk Oil & Fat Plant was purchased by Poltava-Grain with Kernel as its principal beneficiary

Privatization tender concerned sale of the Illichivsk Oil & Fat Plant located in Chornomorsk. The buyer was Poltava-Grain, while purchase cost made up 696.6 million UAH. The above company acquired the land plot of 8.58 hectares, administrative & household buildings, equipment and three vehicles. See Prozorro.Sales for the lot details.

Principal beneficiary of Poltava-Grain is Kernel Trade (95% shares), while the remaining 5% shares are owned by LLC Asset Management Company “Progressive Investment Strategies” (the single beneficiary is Ukragrobusiness).

In 2021 Odesa Region Commercial Court recognized PJSC Illichivsk Oil & Fat Plant as bankrupt and initiated winding-up procedure. Its accounts payable exceeded 1.6 billion UAH.

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