The war in Ukraine has caused massive damage to the country’s infrastructure. To rebuild, the country needs to mobilize large amounts of capital, and private investment will be crucial to fill the gap left by public and donor funding. However, attracting private investment will be challenging due to the inherent risks of the business environment.

At the request of the World Bank, we are forming a focus group of 6-10 companies with potential interest in post-war investment in Ukraine. We wish to understand how post-war investors will view and mitigate various risks, and what measures may need to be implemented to improve the business environment.

The issues we want to discuss include:

  • Availability and cost of various insurances or other risk mitigation/credit enhancement instruments
  • Procurement processes
  • Project execution: permits, labour etc.
  • Any other concerns identified by the focus group members

The participants would have an opportunity to share their insights into potential roadblocks to private sector participation and shape strategies to overcome them. We anticipate that participation in the focus group will involve 3 to 4 hours.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the focus group is an open, collaborative, and productive process. To achieve this, Castalia will conduct virtual interviews with each focus group participant individually to better understand their unique perspectives and experiences related to infrastructure rebuilding efforts and PPPs post-war. In addition, we will facilitate a collaborative workshop with the entire focus group, where participants can share their insights and exchange ideas. The discussions will be subject to the World Bank’s policy on Access to Information and Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data.

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