For over a year, Ukraine has faced unprecedented challenges due to
full-scale military aggression against our country. Nevertheless, we remain
steadfast in our defense of territories and continue to conduct business.
UkraineInvest, the government’s investment promotion office, has continued its operations throughout this period without interruption.

Currently, we are supporting 17 investment projects worth over $2.3 billion
and providing ongoing business support to both Ukrainian and foreign
companies operating in Ukraine.

Promoting investment opportunities is a top priority for us. Investors can
start planning their investments today. There is no need to wait until the
end of the war.

Our message to the international business community is clear: Ukraine is
not only strong and free, but open for business.

We proudly present the UkraineInvest Guide, an essential source of
analytical information for companies doing business in Ukraine or planning
to invest


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