The Netherlands Agency for Entrepreneurship has announced a state subsidy program for Dutch and international companies that are ready to invest in Ukraine recovery projects, as reported on the agency website. 

Companies are offered to receive reimbursement in the amount from 500,000 EUR to 5 million EUR. Aggregate subsidy cost makes up 25 million EUR. The Dutch government will reimburse 100% of the companies’ costs in their recovery projects. 

Projects are limited to water supply, health care and agriculture. 

Program of the Ukraine Partnership Fund (UPF) was developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. 

The agency explains, “Due to russian hostilities, Ukraine needs huge support. Most often, reconstruction projects cannot be financed through commercial sector”. 

A mandatory condition for receiving a subsidy shall be launching restoration project jointly with at least one Ukrainian company. 

The Ukrainian Ministry of Reintegration comments, “Initiative of the Netherlands shows readiness of international partners to participate in restoration of Ukraine. It will allow foreign companies to be involved in such project and will provide experience we can use in future”.

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