As reported by RBC-Ukraine (see link to press release), Philip Morris International invests over 30 million US dollars in launching a new production in Lviv region. Preparatory work on the future factory will start just in July 2023.
The company notes that the production will facilitate complete satisfaction of domestic demand.
The company expects starting production process just in the first quarter 2024. The new factory will employ over 250 people engaged mostly in production. Employment will be primarily offered to employees of the company’s Kharkiv plant.
Massimo Andolina, president of the company’s European region, says, “We are proud to announce this new investment in Ukraine. Our new enterprise will secure reliable supply of products and employment opportunities for Ukrainians. But this is more than just an investment in infrastructure and expansion of our company’s capacities. In fact, it shows our commitment to Ukraine and its people. Such investment is a powerful signal to other international investors – confidence in economy of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and the future of Ukraine”.
For his part, Maksym Barabash, Philip Morris Ukraine Director General, added that investments in the new enterprise once again show the company’s support for Ukraine.
He notes, “Such investment embodies our commitment as a long-term economic partner of the country. New production at the location proposed by UkraineInvest will create jobs, satisfy the Ukrainian market demand with quality products and support the Ukrainian economy in a difficult time. We are not waiting for end of the war – we are investing now”.
Philip Morris Ukraine has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 1994. For this time, the company invested over 700 million US dollars in the economy of Ukraine. In 2022, Philip Morris Ukraine paid 25.3 billion UAH as taxes in the Ukrainian budget.

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