“Transparency not only within the country, but also worldwide” – this is the slogan whereunder the Ministry of Infrastructure presented the new DREAM system (Digital Restoration Ecosystem for Accountable Management) on May 5. It was created to manage reconstruction of Ukraine, in which communities will be able to contribute their projects, to involve financial resources for them and to manage construction process. 

This was reported by our correspondent who attended presentation of the new system. 

The ministry assures that DREAM facilitates for every citizen of Ukraine ability to monitor restoration projects at every stage. The system will show project documentation, sources of financing, volume and nature of purchasing goods and services, as well as status of construction works. 

Mustafa Nayem, head of the State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of the Infrastructure of Ukraine, explained that such innovation will make it possible to involve more funds from international donors for reconstruction of Ukraine.  

Mr. Nayem highlights, “When the system is launched, we’ll know exactly what we need to do, we’ll know how much it costs, and most importantly, we’ll be able to monitor it”. 

Also, a meeting of the interdepartmental working group has already been planned, which will determine the list of projects to be financed from the Fund for elimination of the consequences of hostilities. 

The system will be publicly available for all users on June 21, after its presentation in London at the Ukraine Recovery Conference. 

What objects are planned to be rebuilt first? 

Oleksandra Azarkhina, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, said that the department has already prioritized project financing based on the question: “How many people will be able to get access to basic services that will secure their life due to such investment?” 

She states, first of all it will cover critical infrastructure facilities: water supply, drainage, power supply, heat supply, followed by transport infrastructure and other facilities. 

Mrs. Azarkhina explained, “In fact, we count the number of people who are already users of this service, and how many people can become users of this service”. 

She added also that international partners can choose different funding priorities for each individual program. 

Damage due to hostilities by russia 

According to the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), as of March 2023, aggregate amount of direct documented damage to Ukrainian infrastructure due to a full-scale russian invasion is estimated at 143.8 billion USD. 

For over one year of full-scale war, russia destroyed and damaged more than 150,000 residential buildings in Ukraine, including private houses, multi-apartment buildings and dormitories. 

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi stated in November 2022 that over one trillion dollars will be required to restore the country. Dozens of partner countries will be involved in the work. He noted, a special patronage system will be created in order to enable advanced countries and companies to provide assistance for restoration of Ukrainian regions, cities, industries and enterprises.


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