The European Bank will grant one and a half billion euros for Odesa Region restoration, but this is not related to the damage caused by hostilities, as reported by Tetyana Khomenko, the UN Program representative. She notes, 11 reconstruction projects have been approved in Odesa under the program of restoration of Ukraine, while two more are waiting for approval. 

It will be capital repair, reconstruction of the infectious disease hospital, repair of the first clinical hospital and several more schools in the city. It also includes hospitals, schools and kindergartens in the region, in particular, on the territory of the Baltic Community. Tender selection took place in August & September last year, the list of facilities was drafted jointly with the Odesa Region communities. We note that Odesa Region is the runner-up after Kyiv Region as for the number of restoration projects. We remind that Odesa Region is planning to hold four international expert events upon restoration of the region in order to join project development various industries.

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