The Estonian Parliament (the Riigikogu) adopted a law that allows using the frozen assets of Russian natural persons in order to reimburse losses caused to Ukraine by the war. 65 members of the Riigikogu voted in favour, while three members voted against, as reported on the website of the Estonian parliament.

Creation of a legal framework for use of the frozen assets – this is a complex task; a number of allied countries and international organizations are working thereon, while Estonia is playing a pioneering role here.

As reported, “Russia is an aggressor country; therefore, reimbursement of losses caused by hostilities cannot fall on the shoulders of Ukraine and its allies. Russia is responsible for causing damages, as well as shall bear this responsibility”.

In order to commence proceedings in Estonia for the use of property, Ukraine shall submit a corresponding request. Previously, Hanno Pevkur, the Minister of Defense of Estonia, announced that the idea of sending Western military personnel to Ukraine received no development either at the country level or at the EU level.