15 clauses for Ukraine. The German government agreed on a plan for restoration of our country. What do the Germans offer and where do they plan to get money for reconstruction? Reported by Tetiana Logunova.

At least 486 billion USD. According to the World Bank latest estimates, that will be the cost of post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Partner States will not be able to allocate so much funds from their budgets. Therefore, they are already starting to look for other ways of funding for restoration of our country.

Germany already has a plan. Official Berlin, which is one of the largest donors to Ukraine, approved a program of taking measures aimed at restoration of Ukraine. It was approved this week at the special meeting of the Government led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The approved document was developed by the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. It consists of 15 clauses which prescribe in detail the need to involve all potential sources of funding in restoration of Ukraine, namely: private investments, funds of philanthropists and charitable foundations.

Svenja Schulze, Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany:

State funds will not be enough. We need private investors. That is why we have agreed on 15 clauses by which we are planning to attract them. One of them is support of German companies that are already operating in Ukraine.

There are nearly two thousand such companies. But there may be much more. Even now, when the war is going on.

Svenja Schulze, Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany:

Ukraine is eager to join Europe and the EU single market, so it makes sense to invest right now, at least in those regions where it is possible. We are concerned in more private capital coming in. This is extremely important both for Ukraine and for us. After all, we want Ukraine to get back on its feet after the war.

There are plans to create a special financial structure in Ukraine. It will work on the model of the Credit Institution for Reconstruction, which appeared in Germany after the World War II and served as prerequisites for the German economic miracle. This fund will provide investment loans at preferential rates, first of all, for support of small and medium businesses.

Svenja Schulze, Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany:

Support of small and medium businesses is extremely important for Ukraine. These enterprises are the backbone of economy, and now it is very difficult for them to get loans. Germany, for example, already supports agricultural companies so that they could clear the fields and work on them, as well as could build warehouses for harvest storage. These are very important investments that we want to expand.

Furthermore, Germany and Ukraine are preparing to hold a major international recovery conference. A two-day forum will take place in Berlin in June 2024.

Source: https://podrobnosti.ua/2479122-nmechchina-shvalila-plan-vdbudovi-ukrani.html

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