Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk signed an Order on foundation of the Council for Cooperation with Ukraine. It will be a public authority engaged in strengthening bilateral relations and promoting restoration of Ukraine.

Pavel Koval, the Polish Government Commissioner for the Restoration of Ukraine, reported thereon within interview with the Polish Press Agency.

Koval noted, he will become head of the newly created Council for Cooperation with Ukraine. The Council will be a public authority, while its members will include representatives of the government, local authorities, business and science.

Working groups will function in the framework of the Council. Cooperation with Polish analytical centers has already been launched, while regional representative offices have also been incorporated. He added that structure and functions of the body will be determined in more detail in future.

Koval explained, the idea is to create an institute “which will apply a comprehensive approach to Polish-Ukrainian relations”.

The Polish Government Commissioner highlighted, “We assume that they are unique, not only because of historical issues, but also because of Poland’s participation in helping Ukraine and Poland’s role in the process of its recovery”.

In addition, Khvylia previously reported that the Coalition of Armored Vehicles in Support of Ukraine has launched work in Warsaw.


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