In the context of the ongoing war between Ukraine and the russian federation, it is more difficult for foreign investors to assess risks and find successful investment opportunities. In such a dangerous and unpredictable environment, investment nanny can become an indispensable partner, providing support and expertise aimed at capital safety and growth.

What is an investment nanny?

Investment nanny is a financial professional acting as a consultant and manager for foreign investors having their interests in Ukraine. In wartime conditions, an investment nanny has in-depth knowledge of local financial market, economy and political situation, which allows him/her to identify opportunities and to mitigate risks.

Role of investment nanny.

Risk analysis: Investment nanny conducts a comprehensive analysis of risks correlated to investments in Ukraine in wartime conditions. (S)he assesses political and geopolitical situation, economic effects of the conflict and possibility of regulatory changes.

Portfolio Management: Investment nanny helps a foreign investor to develop and to manage a diversified investment portfolio in wartime conditions. (S)he recommends asset allocation, with regards to sustainability and potential returns of various sectors and companies.

Market Monitoring: Investment nanny monitors dynamics of the financial market and changes in legislation related to the war. (S)he provides regular updates to clients regarding the current situation and impact on their investments.

Safety Advice: Investment nanny develops safety strategies for foreign investors aimed at reducing their risks in wartime conditions. (S)he may consult upon the issues of asset protection, use of insurance tools and additional security measures.

Advantages of cooperation with investment nanny.

Expertise and market understanding: Investment nanny has deep knowledge of the Ukrainian financial market and understands its peculiarities in wartime conditions. This allows foreign investors to receive informed advice and strategic decisions.

Risk mitigation: Due to risk analysis and security strategy development, investment nanny helps to reduce the impact of military conflict on investments. (S)he understands potential threats and provides to his/her clients the tools aimed to protect themselves.

Individual approach: Investment nanny develops strategies with regards tp individual needs and goals of each client. This allows you to create investment solutions that meet their unique requirements.


In view of the war between Ukraine and Russia, there are extremely difficult conditions for foreign investors. Investment nanny can be an indispensable partner, providing expert knowledge and support aimed aimed at capital safety and growth. Cooperation with investment nanny will help foreign investors to effectively manage risks and to find opportunities in the Ukrainian financial market even in wartime conditions.

However, procedure of obtaining investment nanny for the relevant investor is a bureaucratic and complex procedure with lots of formalities. INTERLEGAL lawyers are ready to assist investors by representing and lobbying their interests in order to obtain such a tool as investment nanny.

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