On 23 May, the Southern Ukrainian Office of the European Business Association in partnership with Interlegal held a Business Talk on an urgent and extremely important for the Ukrainian business community topic – “Recovery Ukraine. Reconstruction projects in the South of Ukraine”.  

The panel of speakers included CEOs of leading agricultural and logistics companies from the southern region of Ukraine, representatives of international corporations, legal and consulting firms and the government sector. 

Our friends and colleagues share their experiences of finding opportunities for development and growth in the third year of a full-scale war. Ambitious government investment and reconstruction projects, flexibility and adaptation to changing conditions, the restoration of production capacity and remarkable cases of companies that have managed to rise from the ashes in the face of daily challenges and total losses remind us that progress and success are possible even in the face of the worst crisis. 

Despite the ever-present war risks, business in the Southern Region, as the whole Ukraine, has no intention of giving up or wasting a single day for reflection. Here and now, Ukraine’s largest companies are working to rebuild and modernize.  The key goal is to create a new, prosperous, modern economy in a new, modern country. An economy where every business can work and feel free and secure.  

We would like to thank everyone who took the time and opportunity to attend our event and share their unique experiences. We’re sure that the stories presented at Business Talk will inspire many in Ukraine and beyond. 

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