President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi held a meeting with managers of the largest asset management company BlackRock. Press service of the President’s Office informs that the parties discussed details of creating an investment fund aimed at recovery of the Ukrainian economy with public and private capital involved. 

According to the meeting results, the Ministry of Economy signed an agreement with BlackRock Financial Market Advisory on rendering services aimed to support the Development Fund of Ukraine. 

The main goal of creating the fund is to attract private and public capital for launching large-scale business projects in Ukraine. 

President of Ukraine states, “This will be a powerful signal for improving the investment climate. This is important not only for our people, for our society, but also for business, for entrepreneurs abroad. Now is a historic moment, because since the first days of independence, we have not had such huge investment cases in Ukraine. We are proud of our ability to initiate such a process”. 

He notes, for transparency and successful launching the project, Ukraine attracts the best financial and consulting organizations worldwide, such as BlackRock, JP Morgan, McKinsey, etc. 

The President emphasized that foundation and launch of the fund will make it possible to attract the Ukrainian economy country’s economy, as well as to create new enterprises immediately after cessation of active hostilities. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyi noted, “We will be able to offer interesting projects for investments in such industries as power supply, security, agriculture, logistics, infrastructure, medicine, IT and many others. We want to engage global partners who can provide us with large investments”. 

Charles Khatami, who oversees BlackRock FMA as global head of the Financial and Strategic Investors Group (FSIG), said: “This is a historic moment, maybe the greatest opportunity to unite private and public sectors when technological innovations can catalyze further development. I think that you will be able to make your contribution to the global economy and to use innovations”.

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